Best Knilling Violins Review (2020)

The goal of this article is to help you find the best knilling violin based on your current skill level, as well as your comfort level.

What Are Knilling Violins?

In 1922 The Knilling String Music company opened its doors.

Knilling violins, which are part of the Karl Knilling brand of instruments, were originally made in Germany and exported to distributors all over the globe.

Today, most of the manufacturing for Knilling instruments has been moved to Korea and China. But don’t worry. The same stringent guidelines that were set forth in Germany, are being followed in both Korea and China.

Here Are Our Top 5 Knilling Violins Reviews For 2020:

  1. Knilling School Model 4/4 Violin (Our Best Knilling Violin)
  2. Knilling Bucharest Model 4/4 Violin 
  3. Knilling Maestro Model 4/4 Violin 
  4. Knilling Sinfonia Model 4/4 Violin 
  5. Knilling Perfection Violin

Most student programs will use Knilling instruments. However, very few people actually realize the amount of work it takes to create each instrument.

While the majority of Knilling violins are indeed made in a factory, every bridge is hand carved to ensure it is the exact fit.

Every bridge is individually fitted because each top is a bit different. While Knilling follows the guidelines set forth by the Music Educators National Knilling Custom 38 Shop Adjustment Conference, they always make their instruments to exceed expectations.

Best Knilling Violins Review

And to make sure the passage is as smooth as possible, every groove is individually lubricated. Every Knilling bridge is produced in a way that it always produces the best vibrations.

The pegs are also individually lubricated and hand fitted. Each one is rounded and flush fitted to give it that professional finish.

The pegs are made using high end ebony wood and they are built to last. You will never have to worry about shrinkage in the peg hole.

It's not uncommon for students to struggle with tuning and using the pegs. Knilling understood this and did their best to address it by ensuring that each peg is adequately lubricated.

Each string hole has been drilled individually. And while steel strings are most often used, you can easily replace them if you so choose.

To ensure the strings are an exact fit, German made hardware is used on every Knilling violin.

Every Knilling violin is equipped with a patented Buschman tuner. This helps protect the instrument from being damaged by the tuner. It also protects the violin should the tailpiece accidently collapse.

Most people are pleasantly surprised with the quality of the Knilling violins. They tend to believe they will be of low quality due to their low price. This however is completely false.

Knilling offers low priced violins, as well as higher priced violins. Yes, most people know them for their affordable range of products, but they also produce higher end models.

Keep in mind they have been designing and producing violins for a very long time. Needless to say, they know exactly what they are doing.

With Knilling, everyone has the opportunity to get access to an affordable violin. And if you are a more experienced player, there are of course more advanced options for you.

Once you have your own Knilling violin, you will be amazed at the quality. You could pay three times more for a different violin and still not get the same playability.

Knilling has been around long enough to know exactly what works, and what doesn’t. Before any violin leaves their facility, it goes through a process to ensure everything is just right.

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a violin just because of its price. The Knilling violin is proof you can get a well built violin at an affordable price.

To give you a decent selection, we will be reviewing violins at various price points.

The Knilling School Model 4/4 Violin is the most often sold Knilling violin. It is also one of the more popular models.

This model has a spruce top with an even grain, and a carved, solid maple back. The inlaid purfling is graduated solid.

And just like with all Knilling violins, this one comes with solid ebony pegs. It also has a solid bridge made of maple.

For improved durability and ease of use, there are built in tuners on the synthetic tailpiece.

To help you keep your violin safe, this Knilling model comes with a shaped case and cover. The case is fully lined and has a compartment that can fit two bows.

This makes it easy for you to keep everything organized.

The Knilling School Model 4/4 Violin is affordable and great for those who are new to playing the violin.

The Knilling Bucharest Model is made out of a well aged Bavarian spruce top. The seasoned wood gives this violin a great sound.

Old growth European maple was used to build the solid maple back. This solid construction has inlaid purfling.

All of the trim on the violin, everything from the saddle, to the tailpiece, to the fingerboard, is made out of all ebony wood.

This violin features 4 Buschman string adjusters. It also comes with a thermoplastic case that has an aluminum valance.

The case, which happens to be polished and fully lined, has a covered accessory compartment for safety.

Included with this violin is a Glasser fiberglass bow with a fully lined ebonite frog. And though this model is more expensive than other models, it is still considered affordable.

The Knilling Maestro Model 4/4 Violin falls right in line with the Knilling Bucharest Model we just reviewed.

They are in the same price range but this model has a few upgrades when it comes to appearance.

Because of the upgrades, the price is a bit higher. But, it is still considered affordable. It has an even grained Spruce top, and a flamed solid maple back.

The finish is an antiquated varnish. The pegs and tailpiece are Hillstyle, and the chinrest is Guarneri-style.

The maple bridge is German and it has an E string adjuster. It features synthetic Pro Arte core strings.

It comes with a deluxe case so you can easily store your bow and any other accessories you carry with you. The case has 4 bow compartments and 3 accessory sections.

The bow on this violin is made with horsehair and Brazilwood, and is half lined.

The Knilling Sinfonia Model 4/4 is solid carved, has a maple back, and a Spruce top. The bridge is German made and made out of maple.

All of the trim on this instrument is made of Ebony wood. Even the chinrest. 

This violin comes with a thermoplastic case with an aluminum valance. The hardwood is mounted on the valance.

The case comes fully equipped with an accessory compartment and 2 bow holsters.

Knilling Perfection Violin

These last two Knilling violins we are basically counting as one. They are the same violin, just two different variations.

The Knilling Perfection I is made using some of the same woods used on higher end models. The big difference however, is it has a more affordable price tag.

This model comes with a lightweight case that can fit up to 2 bows. It also has an accessory compartment that can be used for things such as extra strings, and rosin.

If you are a complete novice you will love the Knilling Perfection I. The Perfection Pegs make tuning quick and easy. You will be up and running within a matter of seconds.

The Perfection I is an excellent choice for all beginners. It is also a top selling model.

We think you will love the natural horse hair bow that comes with it.

The Knilling Perfection II is a step up from the Knilling Perfection I. Just like with the Perfection I, The Perfection Pegs on this violin make tuning quick and easy.

With this violin, tuning will become less of a daily chore.

To ensure the pegs last as long as possible, they are made out of durable ebony wood. The back is made out of German maple, while the front is made out of Spruce wood.

If you are an advanced student looking for a durable violin, the Knilling Perfection II is a great option. Many have praised the Perfection Pegs as being a great training tool.

As a violin player, the hardest, and most time consuming task, is almost always tuning the violin.

Since tuning is so easy with this violin, you will be able to spend more time practicing and honing your skills.

Our Final Thoughts

It's no secret that Knilling violins are the best violins when it comes to learning how to play. It is why you will often hear teachers singing their praises.

And while they do produce higher end models, those models tend to get very little attention. This is because most people focus solely on the student models.

As previously stated, Knilling violins have been around since 1922. Over the years the company has perfected their process to ensure every instrument that leaves their facility is of the best quality.

When you purchase a Knilling violin you can be sure you are getting a reliable, durable, and excellent sounding instrument.

It doesn’t matter if you opt for one of the more advanced models, or you stick with the beginner models. Either way, you can rest assured you will be getting a violin that has years of top notch craftsmanship behind it.

While there are many more Knilling violins on the market, the 5 we reviewed are good enough to get you started. Use these reviews to make an informed decision and ensure you get a violin you love.