Emily Palmer

The Best Violin Rosin

Let’s start things off by briefly explaining what a rosin is… Rosin, which can also be referred to as a colophon or colophony, is a resin that comes from pines trees. Violinists use it because of its ability to induce friction. As a violin player, it is very important the hair on the bow is able to …

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Best Violin Books

Most people look at the best violin players and assume they are the most talented people. This however isn’t always the case. While talent is important, it takes much more than talent if you want to be a successful violinist. The best violinists practice on a regular basis, have a reliable violin, and more importantly, they …

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Best Electric Violin

Are you interested in getting a new electric violin? Or maybe you just want to upgrade the one you currently have. No matter the reason you have stumbled upon this article, we are sure what you are about to read will be very helpful in your quest to find an electric violin. In this short article we …

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