Here's my story

Hey there, are you a regular visitor here to Scion AV? Or is it your first time here with me? Either way, this article has been created to give you a better feel for me, how ScionAV is put together –  how our ratings work, how our reviews are written and just about everything else we do here!

Scion AV was established in 2003 as a music label, but since 2020 it's pivoted its focus to help our special readers, you, in the process of picking an instrument and learning about all that goes with that instrument too, so you can just, well, have more fun! Since then, we have the ambition to grow into the biggest music review sites on the planet. I know, we dream pretty big here don't we! It's great that you've joined us for the ride. 

We wanted to give a real insight into the way that ScionAV operates. We want to be able to answer all of your questions along the way on things like how we  any questions you may have about the way we rate and review things. Let’s take a look, one by one, but first here's a little more about me.

About Me: Emily Palmer 

Hi, I'm Emily and a warm welcome to ScionAV.  

Here at ScionAV we're all about great music and making life sound better. This is a real passion of mine. As a musician with almost 2 decades experience, who frequently works as a musical performer, producer and writer I like to think I know what sounds good. And because of this, I've made it my mission to be your new buddy when it comes to musical instruments and everything else that goes with the greatest musical instruments on the planet!

Picking a musical instrument and learning how to play it can be nothing short of overwhelming, I know that very well. But don't fear I'm on hand to guide you through everything you need to know so you'll be making beautiful music in no time! I'll guide you with in depth instrument overviews, lessons and advice to help make playing your chosen instrument a little easier and more fun. Musicians, welcome to you new home - Scion AV, it's great to have you hear with me. 

My main musical passions and expertise and in jazz although I also love to play the piano, guitar / ukulele, flute and occasionally, the drums. My real true love is the piano, which I've been playing since I was 4 years old!